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Opposites Attract:

An Organized Argument or an Orderly Attack, an Opinionated Advice yet Open Approach, an Outlook on Anything, Opposing Attributes for the Other’s Acceptance – by Omeng and Ane

Ever since, I’ve been prodding my wife to create a 2-authored blog like that of “He said, She said” kind of a thing. She’s the tech-savvy while I’m more of the “tech-save-me” except under (or on top) the circumstance that either up or downloading being limited to a physical thing (LOL). We substantiate ‘Opposites Attract’ beyond doubt. It would certainly fit us given our peculiarity and our nickname’s initials put together – OA for Omeng and Ane. As Filipinos, we use “OA” (for over-acting) as a term for anything exaggerated. From it, OA would certainly live up to its “Over-Acting” representation of how suitably OA it is as far as our opposing abnormality (that’s another OA) is concerned. Though from our names alone, there’s already a seeming distinction between Oriental and American (in nature); thus, the apparent meeting of our “East and West” would characteristically give essence to how opposites actually attract.

I’m more of the conservative one; she’s more of the laidback type. We’re Old-school and Avant-garde combined. And fittingly contradicting, we see these idiosyncrasies as essentials still in holding on to One Another (Now how OA is that…) Needless to say, we “wildly” attract each other: either like that of a predator and prey or simply akin to that of man and wife. It’s just that with her ready-to-pounce “killer instinct”, she’s the predator. But the prey in me happens to outrun her LOL! As such, it leaves her hungry and wanting for my submission (wink) LOL.

This elusive prey, however (or so I would like to think), manages to quench her thirsty-for-blood predator’s desire (wink wink). Whereas she assures that I do if only to likewise satisfy my ego. Ironically, complementing each other is by and large based on our dissimilarity with a common denominator. Case in point, we have varying tastes but we both like to eat.

I wouldn’t say I’m reasonable while she’s absurd or will I claim to be organized as opposed to her impulsiveness; because we could either be the other one but most of the time, inadvertently or intentionally manifested in contention. I suppose we’re both spontaneous that way…

We’re Yin and Yang; twisted meaning: I have strong yen for her whereas she’s young – aptly, I’m “overripe” for her body err budding nature (kidding). Consequently, our age difference plays a considerable part. It balances how our paths cross rather than go on separate ways. Although, our almost 11-year gap has nothing to do with our being black and white (physically: I’m dark, she’s fair/morally though: I’m white, she’s black LOL). Together, the gray area is how we don’t define our bond with neither fundamental nor supplemental factors but feelings.

Speaking of emotions, this will be our conscious effort to rather express our Opposing Attributes as an Orderly Attack on each other. An Organized Argument, it’ll be evocative of our Outlook on Anything for the Other’s Acceptance. This as an Open Approach, will our probable Opinionated Advices matter? We jointly hope so…

Then again, that’s just my side of the story. Perhaps (or most likely) for the sake of being argumentative, “A” has something different to say.

*repost from our original blog site… 7/2011


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