“Oops!” Again

It would be a great idea if department stores have “men’s lounge chairs” for (of course) the male breed waiting for you-know-how-long the “era” the opposite species do their shopping. Perhaps along comes a TV where we could watch “Guys Choice Awards” as a fitting preference rather than do the puzzling selection for the “what-do-you-think-is-better?” role outwardly yet sensitively expected of us. Can’t it be just trimmed down to two choices? As if we don’t contemplate on the “evaluation” of our exquisite inclination behind it.

What is likely even more side-splitting is that our choices are the ones to be discarded – speaking of Opposing Assessments. But then, that’s just how it is…  Fickle-minded as they are, they can’t easily decide for themselves! Oops! Did I just ignite “world war”? Yup, that’s another thing; as petty even though factual as this is, it could be blown out of proportion. BOOM!

Well, I’m thinking if I’d go on typing or wait for defensive bombardment of reactions…

Or I could shift topics – considering the initial subject getting out of hand and shifting to another then escalates as most likely to happen. Oops! (I did it) Again!

Ok shhh aahh hmmm… Have you seen Harry Potter? The last part? Part 7, right? … … … Oh yeah! We’ve watched it together… Oh so that was the last installment huh… ah ok hmm… How about Twilight? – the Twilight series? You like that guy – that “wolf guy” – Edward! … … Oh! Jacob! Right, right… I mean Jacob… ahah…


Care for some ice cream?

*repost from our original blog site… 8/2011


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