Opposing Arrangement: Checkmate

There’s good reason as to my depiction of ‘opposites attract’ with chess. Despite the regularity of its black and white checkered board and with the similarity of strength (pieces) for the “grandmasters” at odds, it’s meant to differ. With every move dependent on the countering measure of the other, one means of development is through the other one’s “calculated sacrifice”… The attraction is even drawing-in with its confronting motion of attack even in defense. Plus courtesy is addressed by giving caution of a likely downfall with rather allowing for the other to “check” for good measure. There’s apparently no backstabbing.

What is noteworthy is that the “piece” with the utmost arsenal is the Queen, however, the outcome can’t be decided on if not for the King’s finality… You get the idea right?

Its usual black and white concept bears out that the only probable gray area is through the players’ accord of a worthwhile game despite setbacks. The “White” or “Black” side of a player is interchangeable from which each player’s variable approach could be attributed to. At any rate, there’s that “black” and “white” part in all of us right? Left? Mine didn’t leave yet…

If there’s something missing however, in truth and in our case, is that there are no pawns, rooks or bishops to defend us. I am my own knight I suppose but far from being in shining armor for her. A dark knight in rusty armor would warrant the “black” in me. Limited to one step at a time, I’m at her disposal actually. Between the two of us however, I’m the patient one. Such as part of my King’s power extends more than a few blocks. The Queen just “ordered” me to do the dishes last night. Then she was too sleepy to wake up early today and tomorrow perhaps; like yesterday and days prior… A few minutes back, I just sent-off our princess to school. In a while, I’ll be preparing for work…

Why would Queen “A” have me “killed” if her definition of execute is implement… Smart queen. And as her mate, she’s just checking me out (wink). This way, I got Her Highness – Checkmate!oa-header

*repost from our original blog site… 7/2011 and the image from our original header


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