Oppo (F1s) Arrived: The “selfless selfie phone” is here

One of the many dissimilarities between ‘A’ and I is our technical know-how. She’s the techie whereas I’m more of the “teach me” when it comes to gadgets. If it’s about “selfie”, she’s the cam and I’m the stick (lol! no pun intended). Along today’s generation and technological breakthrough, regardless of age, one has to keep up with the times if only to be abreast with both current events as well as history for all its “remembrance” worth and for imminent insights without the hassle of old-school reference materials…
7-travel-1In this present smartphone era where the likes of selfies and Snapchats are some means of expression as much as a visual way to communicate, the clearer the image, the better it conveys one’s message. Thus, it even becomes more personal than emoticons. Consequently, even among “oldies”, to do ‘selfie’ is to actually be in-the-know not to be left behind by the new generation…
Addressing the demand for these sort of concerns, this global electronics and technology service provider for a brand seemed to have lived up to its name and respected the consumers’ needs. True enough, Oppo (which when pronounced means a respectful acknowledgment here in the Philippines – coincidentally, known to be the selfie capital of the world) introduced its new product, the Oppo F1s as the ultimate selfie expert. With its considerable aperture, its capable of taking clear selfies even in a dimly lit spot with an auto mode to select the appropriate level of brightness. The latest version of its beautifying app smoothens out skin blemishes and accentuates the subject’s best facial feature. Whereas for the palm-activated shutter option with automatic countdown, it’ll avoid those awkward and compromising poses/postures. As if being in a snuggly position isn’t “cheesy” enough, the Oppo F1s even has a voice-activated shutter which responds to ‘cheese’ command.6-oppo_c2
To even justify its “photographic impression” for a point you are to impart, its HD (1280 by 720 pixels) resolution, 16-megapixel front camera will make sure that your “image for a message” is “crystal clear”…10-oppo-f1s_selfie
Clear indeed, I believe I’m convinced enough to consider getting myself an Oppo F1s… ‘A’ is the “selfie person” and this could be the selfie phone for her; however, I’m the one contemplating on replacing my old phone with this one. To rather convince ‘A’ with all these features and more, I’d tell her that she can also use it. The key take-away though is that with its ultimate specs for a smartphone, it’s way more inexpensive than its more branded competitors.
At any rate, will I still buy one? Oppo!
I already have an Oppo selfie stick for it.fb_img_1477926846710


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